Monday, January 07, 2008

Poetry Review III

It's been awhile. Below you can check out all of my poetry that I've posted since my Poetry Review II last March. Let me know if like one more than the others.

Role Models
Foretime Son
Easter Birds
Is That All?
Self-Conscious Bigot
Bacchanalian Rhapsody
staff meeting
Trabajar en el hoyo
Aurora Staples Inn

That's all of them. The first Poetry Review was posted back in September 2006. Hope you enjoyed them. Thanks for reading.



Anonymous Sharon G said... first thought is Kin (since it had the word penis in it) then I thought that would be too easy...LOL (really only a joke, sick, but a joke none the less....)

OK in all truth WAY to hard to choose. I picked out 6 that I could say would be #1...but if you twist my arm I would have to go with....(drum roll).....Reverie well maybe a tie with Is That All? which is a tie with Ceremony ...really I could go on and on, but I will spare you. I have said it before - you are an awesome writer (I'm not worthy)!!!!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Doah said...

Sharon, if you come back here, thank you. I just wanted to say I appreciate the comment and I wanted to confess that "Kin" really is my favorite of the bunch. It's one of the few of my poems that I really love as I reread it. And, yes, the shocking opening line helps a lot. Love ya! Thanks.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Sharon G said...

Yes I loved Kin too but not just because of the word penis :) (just wanted to write it I am really burrying myself)..anyway - write on!

7:46 AM  

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