Saturday, April 14, 2007


It was a peculiar moment
the first time I ever
pulled out of your driveway and
you weren't standing
on the porch
"Drive safe," you'd always say,
"You've got precious cargo."
Tonight the porch was empty
I won't ever forget the sight
of your great-grandchildren
leaning in to kiss you goodbye
your frail body
left only scarce traces of the man
I'd grown to love
Honestly, I imagined myself there
hoping all my children would be
present the way yours were
Would they all have children of their own
when I drew my final breath?
I shall never take back the deathbed
promise I made to you,
"I'll love your granddaughter
as long as you loved your wife."
Fifty-five years with the same woman
made you a hero in my eyes
No doubt you've been reunited
with her now and
mourning for someone who
got what they desired is imprudent
Instead, as I breakout
on my morning run
I'll just shift my eyes to heaven
and tell my Abba,
"You've got some mighty
precious cargo!"

--Shenandoah Lynd

Walter Parker 1929-2007
Geraldine Parker 1929-2003
married 1948-eternity

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