Monday, March 12, 2007

Five Sentence Tribute: Brad Delp

Brad Delp was the lead singer of Boston. Boston was an amazing rock group. It's hard to find a better album than Boston's self-titled debut album. Released in 1976, "Boston" doesn't have a bad track on it. If I'm in a negative mood, I can play that first album (pictured above) and I will be cured of all "bad moods" before the first three tracks are over. The rockin' first three tracks are: "More Than A Feeling," "Peace of Mind," and "Foreplay/Long Time."
Brad Delp died on March 9, 2007 at age 55.

Peter Boyle
Robert Altman
Jack Palance

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Blogger Jon Hall said...

I remember like it was yesterday. 1976. My first Junior high school dance. "More Than a Feeling" comes on, and I'm looking for my first dance partner, ever. I felt invincible.

Interesting trivia note... the school that Canyon Hills meets at (Los Alisos Intermediate) is the exact (and I mean exact) same school, architecturally, as my Junior High. I'll never forget the first time I walked in to a Canyon Hills Church service, and felt like I was instantly teleported back to 1976. Only, "More Than a Feeling" isn't what I recalled. The memory if getting beat-up by Jeff Hudson in the lunch line is what came screaming back at me.

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