Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So not colorblind

Yesterday I was listening to a brief news story/summary of the Academy Award nominations on public radio. I forget what station it was, either KPCC, KPFK, or KCRW (89.3, 90.7, & 89.9 respectively in Los Angeles), one of those. So the reporter tells us what all the nominations are and then has to say, "There are a good number of African-Americans nominated this year as well" and then she mentions Forest Whitaker, Djimon Hounsou, Eddie Murphy, and Jennifer Hudson. As if that matters! Why are "we" as a society still doing this? Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of not being judged by the color of your skin cannot be realized until we can have people like this reporter on public radio actually STOP pointing out the differences in race. Why aren't Whitaker, Hounsou, Murphy, and Hudson, just good actors as opposed to African-American actors? I think most of us would find it ridiculous to say, "It's very nice that we have a two Mexicans, an Irishman, and a Japanese person nomiated this year." I used to think that being "colorblind" was something that we were striving for, but the more I actually pay attention, I don't think it's happening. Why do we continue to construct these barriers? Maybe it's just me.

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Anonymous matt j said...

I totally agree, dude. I am clued into those unnessessary discriptions too. And when you think about it, who are interested in the nominations; but people who go to the movies! And if they go to the movies, THEY KNOW WHAT THE ACTORS LOOK LIKE! Like nobody knows that Eddie Murphy is black? Come on already.
But getting back to the main point; are we ever going to get past these barriers? 'So far, NO good.' I wonder if (socially progressive) countries in Europe are any better about it. I wonder if it's a under-handed way to separate people (us/them) or just a lazy way to catagorize them? Whatever it is, I expect more from NPR.
Personally, when I have to point someone out to someone else at TJ's I consciously make it a point NOT to mention their race. So admittedly I'm stopping myself. Which would give a good arguemnt to the idea that it is just laziness by most of us.
But let's flip it around. I know their race will be used by their own "minority groups" too. Mark my words, if there is 3 or 4 actors in major catagories that win oscars the B.E.T. network will rave up and down about how it was an "african-american sweep" at the oscars. So yeah, unfortunately it is not going to go away in our lifetime. The best we can do is do OUR best to ignore it and instill in our kids the insignificants of skin color.

"Teach.....your children well..."

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Anonymous matt j said...

Oops......insignificance. I'm spellingblind too.

5:27 PM  
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