Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cathedral in the Woods

The loudest noise I've ever
is the voice of God
It shouted to me from atop
a log in the forest
I closed my eyes
trying to escape into
but His sun illuminated
even the abyss behind my eyelids
when I was truly motionless and
even the melting snow
made noise
A chipmunk on a blanket of
dry leaves drowned out
the sun-soaked remnants
of winter
and the strange cackle
of the hidden fowl
vied for my ears
I squinted and
strained silent and
still desperate for a
mystical high
I found something more:
The voice of God engulfing the
shouts of nature.
This is what He said: Trust me
and love with reckless abandon.
No one who hopes in me
ever lives to regret it.

--Shenandoah Lynd



Anonymous matt j said...

Great poem, bro. As you know, i'm not church-going folk or religious in any sense. But I got to tell you whenever I am among tall trees in a forest I always feel like I am as close to God as I will ever get in this life. You pegged it with the sound. I love the hushed NATURAL noise you hear in wilderness. Far from the rattle and hum (easy...) of the city. It seems to me that most churches strive yet don't acheive the inspiring awe I get when surrounded by nature. I love it.

5:14 PM  

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