Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Five Sentence Tribute: Peter Boyle

My favorite Peter Boyle role was Carl Lazlo, Esq. in WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM (1980), a classic and underrated film with Bill Murray (above). Recently, he was amazing in MONSTER'S BALL (2001). Yet, I'll always remember YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974) first when somebody says his name. I just recently started watching some EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND reruns and he was, hands-down, the funniest thing about that show. I met Peter Boyle at a Bruce Springsteen concert in 1999.

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Blogger Mike Pena said...

Holy crap!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous matthew Jones said...

I'm not into them changing the sountrack of WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM for the dvd. Very lame. Hold on to your video copies.

The 2 great movies with Boyle that you didn't mention:

12:24 PM  

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