Friday, January 05, 2007


As many of you know, my younger brother, Mark, is in prision right now. I have been really enjoying communicating with him via letters. I just opened another letter from him a few moments ago. It was dated 12/31/06. I never thought I would share something from his letter on this blog because it would be personal. However, there is a passage from him that moved me so much I have to share it. I thought it would challenge you to really think about your blessings. For me, these words my brother wrote not only made me think about my blessings, but also my attitude. I also don't want God to have to put me behind bars to make me realize that I am free each and every day to read his Word and spend time with Him.

Here is what Mark wrote:

"I am able to read the Word of God everyday in prison while in other countries they face prison for opening the Bible. Some may think or say my freedom was taken from me for a short time, but I beg to differ. I am free to pray, to worship & study my Savior's words. I think that is the only freedom that really matters. I am looking out the bars to the outside yard and can see the awesome creations that were made for us all to enjoy, just like you and your family looking at the Grand Canyon."

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Blogger Jon Hall said...

Wow. I am humbled, and inspired.

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