Monday, January 08, 2007

The Deeper Teachings

Way back at the beginning of last year my friend sent me a link to this on-line sermon that he thought I would enjoy. I'm telling you he sent me this like a year ago and it's still affecting me! I had listened to this particular message a couple of times back in 2006 and I've thought about it a lot since then and even mentioned it to a few people. Then, today, I started thinking about this message again and I replayed it.

Here's what I love about it. He says people at his church ask him, "What about the deeper teachings?" His response is, "If you mean deep as in more confusing and more detailed, then you are at the wrong church!" He says, "This is as deep as I know: Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you."

I'd love for you to go to hear this message from Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church. You can go directly to the Sermons Online. Then, You will have to scroll way down to 1/15/06 for the message that says "OUR HOUSE: Imagine, Part 2" and click on that one. You will really enjoy this. It's worth the listen.

He says, "Spiritual spiritual maturity and depth has a whole lot less with how much you know than with how well you love." He focuses on Christ's statements and says it all comes down to LOVE. It's a good reminder. Check it out.

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