Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tampa To Tulsa

Last night I went to my sister's graduation from college. I couldn't have been prouder. It was at Azusa Pacific so it was a pretty long drive. The good thing about that is the kids were sleeping on the way home and I had time to listen to music, really listen. In the player is what I think is one of the all-time great albums, RAINY DAY MUSIC by The Jayhawks from 2003. I just can't get sick of that album. The first time I played it, when it came to the track "Tampa To Tulsa," I pulled my car over about a block from my house and just sat there listening. Granted, music probably affects me more than the average person, it must be my brokenness, but I literally wept. It is such a beautiful song of longing.

When "Tampa To Tulsa" came on last night, during that drive down the 57 freeway, it took on new meaning for me. It's a song that stands out from the rest of the album because it's not sung by their main vocalist. As I listened to Tim O'Reagan singing his beautiful lyrics last night, I thought of saying goodbye to Chrisy at the terminal 10 days ago. Here's a snapshot of that moment as well as just a bit of the lyrics that I love:

Lisa, Maya, and Chrisy at LAX, April 28, 2006


Tampa to Tulsa, just one layover
Thinking it over
There's a card game in the back seat
They're throwing dice in the aisle
And the driver just smiles
With every mile he's closer to the arms
Of the woman who loves him
Tampa to Tulsa, just one layover

Please don't ask, take my love and make it last
Please don't ask, ease my worried mind
and take my hand

--Tim O'Reagan

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