Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kinda Done

You gotta go to Jon Hall's newest update from South Africa. It's called South Africa: Reality and it is brief, but gives a good update on what it has been like for Chrisy and the others on the Road Trip. It also has a link to his photos.

I've heard from Chrisy via e-mail a few more times and we received two post cards from her as well. One was of London and the other South Africa. All is well on her end. I know that tonight they are on a camp out at a game reserve. How cool is that!

Things have been going pretty good for the kids and I, but to be honest, we're kinda done. Just tonight, Zoey asks, "When is mom getting home?" I said, "Five days from now. Why?" She responded, "I want my momma." Nothing bad was going on, she's just had enough.

Before she left, I videotaped Chrisy reading a book and she talks directly to the kids on this video. I played it again for Zoey tonight. She never gets sick of it. At the end when Chrisy's waving, Zoey always shouts, "Bye mom, bye! I miss you. I love you." She's so loud, like maybe Chrisy can hear her! Tonight she said, "I love you mom. I REALLY love you!"

And, to think, I applied for Survivor. 39 days away from my family would be really difficult, for me and for them.

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