Friday, May 12, 2006

Got My Vote

The other day I was talking with this buddy of mine. We both used to be really political, you know, reading everything, watching debates and pundits on television. I was telling him that I noticed we haven't talked about politics in awhile. I confessed that, other than voting, I've given up. My problem I told him was that there isn't but a dime's-width of difference between the so-called two parties. I'm watching in amazement as the Republicans spend us into oblivion. Who knew that John Kerry turned out to be the fiscal conservative in the last election? A different friend called me during the last State of the Union and was surprised that I wasn't watching--the first in a decade. I told him I couldn't stomach the balderdash.

I recently heard that, in California, both the Democrats and the Republicans are losing registered voters. This news report stated that registration documents show the biggest gainer is a "decline to state" registration. That's funny because I switched to that classification myself just last year.

My pal George then e-mails me and says, The only politics I'm concerned about lately is summed up in this campaign ad:


I can't add anything to that. Got my vote!

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Blogger Michael and Lorie Taylor said...

Doah - I totally agree with George's description of the best form of goverment ... except for one thing. I think it should be a "Benevolent Dictatorship." I think a "Benign" one would promise not to hurt you, while a "Benevolent" one would proactively look out for your best interests. Just my two cents! :)

Love you bro'!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good catch, Mike. I wanted to reword that about two seconds after I hit the send button. Critical difference between benign and benevolent, and benign is the last word I'd want to use to describe our saviour.

Cheers from rainy, dreary Connecticut!

- George Brandt

7:47 AM  
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