Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Five Sentence Tribute: Sydney Pollack

My four favorite Sydney Pollack films came out in the decade between my 12th and 22nd birthdays: ABSENCE OF MALICE, TOOTSIE, OUT OF AFRICA, and HAVANA. Sure there are other great ones, but you'd do well renting those four. Coincidentally, Chrisy and I recently rented TOOTSIE for Max because we both hold it so dear. Pollack was a good director and he could act. I thought he was great in MICHAEL CLAYTON, THE PLAYER, EYES WIDE SHUT, and again, TOOTSIE.

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Anonymous mr. mojorisin said...

Major bummer, man. My fav by him is 3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Some of the films on your list I haven't seen. Netflix time. Btw, I can't get the TOOTSIE song, "you're telling me it might be you.....all of my life", out of my head!!! Help me!

4:57 PM  

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