Friday, May 09, 2008


I admit it, I am a Survivor addict.  This 16th season of the show, SURVIVOR:  MICRONESIA-FANS VS. FAVORITES, is absolutely the best season in ages.  In fact, week after week, I can't believe how entertaining this season has been.  This is certainly my favorite season since I first started watching way back in season 7 in PEARL ISLANDS. Last Thursday I couldn't believe what the girls pulled off.  Poor Erik (pictured above) will now go down in history as the dumbest "survivor" ever.  I still dig the guy though. Jeff Probst was right, talk about a life lesson. It's great television! Lovin' it.



Blogger Sharon G said...

I am a fan too. I have not been able to watch very much TV these days, but for whatever reason I did see this episode...Yes, I do agree that he was dumb, but I also thought, wow, these women are ruthless. (Yes, that just came out of my mouth, well out of my brain into my fingers, but you get the point).

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