Monday, February 25, 2008


For some reason I am obessing on getting some cioppino. Have you ever had cioppino? It's a soup dish of fish and shellfish cooked in tomato sauce and seasoned with wine, spices, and herbs. It has random stuff like octopus and clams in it. It's like one of the greatest things I ever eaten and I've only had it twice in my entire life. The most recent time was acually several years ago. So why am I obessing on this?



Blogger Jon Hall said...

Years ago, Sophia took me for a weekend in San Francisco for my birthday. It was a fantastic experience, my first time in that city. One night we wanted to go out for a great dinner. So we grabbed a cab, and asked the guy where a great dinner spot was. Sophia told him she was up for some good cioppino. He took us to the wharf, to some back-alley place. He pulled up and said "it's down that alley, around back, to the left." It was dark and drizzly, and felt like we were being set-up for a mugging. Like gullible tourists, we walked as directed. Sure enough, there was this great, hole in the wall restaurant, and we've never had cioppino that good since.

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