Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can't Contain Myself!

Neil tearing it up at The Glass House.

Okay, back on July 26th of last year I posted this random thing about Neil Finn and how I was jonesing for a Finn show. Since then Neil has gotten his band, Crowded House, back together. Today, just today, their new studio album in like over 10 years is out. The album is called "Time On Earth" and it is amazing. I've listened to it three full times as of this writing and it is such a great disc. It's the kind of album that makes the world a better place because of its sentiments. It makes me happier and more full of joy. I cannot recommend it enough. Want to know more specifics? Read the great review from the LA Times.

That's not all. What I never told you is that I was fortunate enough to see Neil Finn live at this very small club called Largo back on December 6, 2006. It was one of the most amazing nights ever! It was so intimate and laid-back. He played with Jon Brion, Mitchell Froom, Sebastian Steinberg, and Missy Higgins. Neil was doing all these new songs which I thought were for a new solo record, but turns out he was trying out many of the songs for "Time on Earth" for us. That night I was more than impressed by songs that came out today such as "People Are Like Suns" or "This Heaven That I'm Making" both of which moved me to the core. That night seems like yesterday.

After that, on April 27, 2007, I saw Crowded House perform in another club, The Glass House, in Pomona! That show too was fantastic! One of the highlights was "Silent House" which is also off the new album. The musical arrangement of it and the way the band played it was a euphoriant for me! I still remember them doing "Walked Her Way Down" and "Nobody Wants To" from this new album and just loving the songs, trying to reconstruct them in my head and dying to get the album. Today I've got it.

It gets better. I get to see Neil Finn live again a week from today because I'm seeing Crowded House at the historic Troubadour in Hollywood for a sold out show! This will be special because it's the first time Chrisy will see Neil Finn with me. What amazes me about this is I keep seeing these small club shows; they are like a dream and the tickets are cheaper than the big shows Crowded House will be doing in San Diego or at the Greek in August! I'm paying like $25 bucks for a ticket for a tiny venue. It's such a pleasant change from this current trend of paying over a hundred for an arena show.

If you can't tell, I feel like I have discovered the best kept secret in the world right now. Neil Finn is like Paul McCartney to me, a beautiful songwriter. Do yourself a favor and get the new Crowded House album . . . . meanwhile, I'll be here Finnin' out!



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