Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not A Fun Post

Coming here for some small talk? Sorry. The picture above hit me hard. It's taken in Mukjar, Sudan, the Darfur region. It's a guy named Ibrahim standing over a grave where 25 of his friends were killed, many axed to death. Meanwhile, here I am in my comfortable house complaining that I have to wait nine months for a new episode of LOST to air.

200,000, maybe 400,00, humans have been killed in Darfur. Millions are homeless. The second picture below is a photo of a rather young displaced villager. Is that child even alive as I type this? Yet, I get feelings of indignation if I have to eat cereal one night for dinner, not over the Darfur clamity. Just yesterday I didn't even put that in my top ten things that are bothering me. Why?

When I studied history at Cal State Fullerton I shook my head in judgement when I read about how "we" just sat around as the Holocaust took place. Truth is, we're living through another moment like that now. Ethnic cleansing, genocide, violence, disease, starvation, they're all present. Even as you read this post, this catastrophic humanitarian crisis continues.

Learn more at sites like ENOUGH: The project to abolish genocide + mass atrocities, CARE, or the Save Darfur Coalition.

But, hey, aren't DVR's just the coolest thing ever?

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