Monday, June 26, 2006


Weird how God will bring one issue or topic up repeatedly in your life. It comes in little short spurts, like a jackhammer pounding your head. This past week it seems to be divorce. I mean I just posted about this last Friday. I didn't intend to revisit the topic. Then, yesterday, I happened to be privy to a family's pain. It was sad, but it was an honor too. Also, I'm reading this book "Poetry Matters" by Ralph Fletcher and I found myself deeply moved by a poem contained therein. It was written by a fourth grade student.


Parents together
They love each other
Then they split

Like the wrong ends of a magnet put together
Or like a passenger fleeing from a
Sinking ship
Like a young bird leaving its nest
Like a picture ripped in half

Like a man leaving a woman for a better one.

--Megan Daily



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