Saturday, June 24, 2006

Were you happy . . . yesterday?

According to a story in the Agence France Presse, a British scholar, Cliff Arnall, at the University of Cardiff has concluded that yesterday, June 23 was the happiest day of the entire year.

Arnall has anaylsed such factors as outdoor activities, nature, social interaction, childhood memories, temperature, and holidays--data gathered over a period of 15 years in interviews with 3,000 people around the world.

A specialist in seasonal disorders, Arnall stated: "People across borders experience happiness whey they meet with friends and family and establish close social relationships. We need some close emotional ties." He used what he considers a "simple equation" to reach his conclusion: O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He. O stands for outdoor activities, N for nature, S for social interaction, Cpm for childhood summers and positive memories, T for temperature and He for holidays and looking forward to time off.

Arnall had also already figured out that the saddest day of the year was January 23 which was a Monday.

In a related story, Tori's father, Aaron Spelling finally died on Friday, June 23rd at his Los Angeles mansion. I for one was very happy to know that we'll not be seeing another show of the caliber of Dynasty, Melrose Place, or God forbid, a Beverly Hills 90210 reunion.


Blogger Mike Pena said...

And Aaron was happy because it meant he'd never have to see another episode of "So Notrorious"

2:13 PM  

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