Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Breaking Free

So much to do.
Mounds of paperwork.
The checklist haunts me.
It's all so urgent; yet, I am
extremely bored.
Unhappy with my disconnection, I
crack open the Bible and it pulls
me from my must-dos. They want
it yesterday,
but I'm stuck on the
meaning of one word. I grab the
dictionary and find the language of
origin. My mind wonders over
exotic lands and I'm now lounging
in the Greek Isles.
Demands upon demands.
The desk is full of clutter and I really
return calls
sift through email
plan for the future
Adrift in my imagination
and struck with option paralysis
I learn:
Why do today what I
can put off until tomorrow?
But, this is Orange County. I must
Then, I spot an acquaintance.
Leaning in a door jam, I listen for
hours. Saved from the urgency of
I pack-up and realize nothing got
done today.
But, it was time well spent
so don't judge me.
I was not built for this paradigm anyway
and I'm tired of feeling this way.
Home late.
Was there traffic?
No, I just drove down the same street
six times. Who knew there were trees
on my route? Purple leaves of all things.
Tough day at the office?
No, only in my mind.
Good, dinner's not made and
the kids have only done two hours
of homework. So much left to do.
Let's make love on the pile of laundry
and then get the kids in the car.
I've got some trees to show you.

--Shenandoah Lynd



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