Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Really loved the Op-Ed piece by Juliet Scher in the LA Times this morning. Titled "Bleak Friday," Scher writes:  "Scaling back on gifts and holiday spending this year suddenly seems like the socially acceptable thing to do. Spending liberally can feel unseemly. Even older children will recognize that these are unusual times." She also posits this question: "Facing such financial uncertainty, who would buy a new car, TV, stereo, or sofa?"

My favorite part though is this: "Don't feel guilty about it.  We can find better ways to support one another than funneling our money through giant multinationals in hopes that some trickles down to its employees . . . . I suggest more music, less wrapping paper."

Having just sent out an open letter to our families about no longer buying Christmas gifts, this article by Juliet Scher was received as a welcomed surprise this morning.

Thus, in honor (or in spite of) Black Friday, check out these sites:

Adbusters Buy Nothing Day
Advent Conspiracy
Rethinking Christmas
Debt-Proof Living/Cheapskate Monthly
Make Something Day
The Center for a New American Dream



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