Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot

I ran the Dana Point 10K Turkey Trot this morning. I am quite pleased with my results. I ended up doing it in 43:20 which was a pace of 6:59. I was 19th out of 207 dudes in my age group, 35-39 years old. I had said I would run it with an eight minute mile pace so I am feeling good. Thankful today that God gave me two legs that are working okay at the moment.



Blogger Sharon G said...


On Wed when I was dropping off the kids at school I saw Zoey. She just looked so big. Then as I was driving away I saw this person jogging, but as I watch I notice how fast they were going. I said to myself "Wow, bet they can't keep up this pace." As I went by I saw it was you, so my thoughts changed, instead I said "Bet he won't stop this pace". Your time, proved it my friend.

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