Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coldplay Concert

I just got home from the Coldplay concert and I am on another live music high. I must say the concert totally exceeded all my expectations. I was quite moved by the entire performance and I walked away from tonight a MUCH BIGGER admirer of Coldplay than before. I just "liked them" before tonight, but I am now a full-blown fan.

My sister Lori Ann won tickets to the show on the radio station 98.7 FM and the prize included the "Viva La Meeta and Greeta" with the band, we got a group photo, and we got to hear their soundcheck which was extremely cool! Can you believe she was nice enough to take me?! Wow! Even though all these band photos are from the soundcheck and not the actual show, I'm going to just write about the main show here.Here is the set list from tonight:

TALK (both techno style)
THE HARDEST PART (Chris/piano instrumental)
POSTCARDS FROM FAR AWAY (Chris/piano instrumental)
THE SCIENTIST (acoustic)
DEATH WILL NEVER CONQUER (Will singing acoustic)
VIVA LA VIDA (remix interlude)
I thought that was an amazing set list. I think LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR was such a strong opener. I adore that song and from the very first notes the vibe was upbeat and cheerful. Right off the bat, during the very first song, I loved how the guys joined together and played off each other. It's almost like they huddled, not too spread out. They did this frequently and Chris especially just seemed to be having fun and taking it all in and very appreciative that he could play to us. As a whole the music was quite beatific and it just made me feel jubilant.
I think my very favorite highlight of the night was FIX YOU. I know I tend to be emotional, but this one caught me by surprise as the lyrics just hit me and I found myself eyes closed praying to God and running through people I know by name, myself included, and asking God to fix them. By the time the song got to the musical high point and Chris was sing "Tears stream down your face" over and over, I actually had tears streaming down my face. It was surreal. It truly was a spiritual moment for me.
Honestly when they got to VIVA LA VIDA, that was such a show-stopper that I couldn't imagine that they weren't done. I thought they surely had to end the show after that. It was so fantastic, everybody dancing and singing. Such a great moment.The encore was amazing too. I thought POLITIK was awesome and LOVERS IN JAPAN just brought the house down. I was so joyful during LOVERS IN JAPAN and then they dropped thousands and thousands of colorful pieces of confetti and we were dancing, singing, and jumping and I looked over at my sister and honestly said, "This is as close to heaven on earth as it gets for me." YELLOW as the final encore was perfect. It was so perfect I knew that had to be the last song.It really is wrong to single out those songs because everything was so good.  CEMETERIES OF LONDON and LOST! laid me out and I was struck by the loveliness of STRAWBERRY SWING which hit me as a very Beatlesque song tonight. Chris had me cracking up laughing during THE HARDEST PART which he sang from the B-stage as he added a verse about how difficult it was to see The Jonas Brothers being so young while he is so old. Also during that song I noticed what a great job Will the drummer did singing back-up vocals. Beautiful really. I was also totally surprised that all four of the guys got down off the stage at the Honda Center and walked down the isles to the rear of the venue and then walked up stairs to the lodge area (200 level) and sang two acoustic songs from there.  I have never seen that in such a large arena before.  Totally cool thing.
The sound was amazing tonight and the lighting was cool. They had full on lasers on SPEED OF SOUND for example, really a first class production all the way around. I totally enjoyed myself. It was a treat to be with my sister and catch up and we both danced a lot. I think they played literally everything I really wanted to hear.
Another thing that made tonight cool was that I loved the first opening band.  It was a group of five young guys from Texas called Sleeper Car and I was totally into their music. They reminded me of a cross between Social Distortion, The Jayhawks, and The E Street Band. Very seldom have I enjoyed an opening act so much as these guys.
Now I am very tired, but I am thinking currently thinking about how Chis Martin embodies the saying, "Dance as if no one is watching" as he just skips around and has a grand time. I want to skip a bit more today for sure!



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