Saturday, April 05, 2008

Five Sentence Tribute: Charlton Heston

The dude played Moses in 1956.  He'll be remembered for things like THE OMEGA MAN, TOUCH OF EVIL, BEN-HUR, and SOYLENT GREEN too, but mostly THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Moses!  When I met him I had him sign an 8 x 10 from PLANET OF THE APES.  It's a moment and picture I cherish.  I liked Charlton Heston.

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Anonymous mojorisin said...

At least we can finally get that gun out of his hand!! I think James called it correctly when he said, Heston is a poor man's Burt Landcaster. None the less I liked him too. I just saw THE OMEGA MAN for the 1st time about a week before he died. I was pretty good. I think I AM LEGEND is better. You can't go wrong with TOUCH OF EVIL though. I have never seen SOYLENT GREEN, so that is next.

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