Friday, January 25, 2008


As I posted on Wednesday, Wes and I saw the U23D movie.  It was quite the experience.  Best 3D I've ever seen and what a concert!  The Argentineans make a great audience too. I loved it.  Really loved it. The Edge is such a great guitarist. Larry really brings it on the drums too. After the movie, Wes said Adam is his favorite member. I think the highlight for me is when Bono puts on the "Coexist" bandana and then sings about "Father Abraham" and how Jesus and Mohammed are both sons of Abraham.  It was very powerful. I recommend this film.

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Blogger Truth said...

Great movie - lots of fun... I'm a big U2 fan as well, so I enjoyed it.

I will say, however, that I didn't like the "Coexist" moment... mostly because I really can't stand the attitude behind these "coexist" advocates. So, this is going to become a short rant against the "coexist" concept.

First, if, by "coexist", advocates mean only the literal meaning of the word, fine... I have no problem. That is to say, live near one another without violence, don't kill someone because they're of another faith, etc.

However, we know that the real attitude behind this movement is not one of mere coexistence, but of plurality. They don't want me, as a Christian, to merely refrain from violence against my Muslim/Jewish/Buddhist/Confucian/Wiccan neighbor. They want me to refrain from saying that Christ is the exclusive way to God... they want me to refrain from witnessing (or, as they would say it, proselytizing)... they want me, in essence, to shut up and keep my faith to myself. While that's an admittedly attractive option, it's not an option given me by Scripture or my Lord.

But, like so many 'bumper sticker' slogans, it's hard to argue against in a thirty-second sound bite...

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