Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Awake 'Til Dawn

Here's a poem I wrote in 1987 in Key West, Florida as well as two pictures I took. I was with my buddy, Matt Jones. It's no wonder I couldn't sleep that evening since our "hotel" in Key West was a 1977 Pontiac station wagon.


The sun has laid to rest
and along with the sun
the island sleeps
Beds are full
yet heads are empty

People safe under sheets
safe until dawn
When they awake the moon will be gone
The night wind won't blow the palms
In the morning the crickets
won't be singing their songs
Stars won't fill the sky
because at dawn we kiss the darkness goodbye

No rest is the price I will pay
but I'll receive something
I can't get from the day
A heart full of love
A night full of wonder
My bed may be empty
but my mind is full
and tonight sleep will pass me by

--Shenandoah Lynd

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