Thursday, April 06, 2006

A New Kind of Christian

I'm reading this book, "A New Kind of Christian," by Brian D. McLaren and I really dig it. It's making me think a lot. It's a bunch of conversations between a pastor, Dan, and his daughter's science teacher--turned Dan's friend--Neo. Here's a a great paragraph:

"Most modern people love to relativize the viewpoints of the others against the unquestioned superiority of their own modern viewpoint. But in a way, you cross the threshold into postmodernity the moment you turn your critical scrutiney from others to yourself, when you relativize your own modern viewpoint. When you do this, everything changes. It is like a conversion. You can't go back. You begin to see that what seemed like pure, objective certainty really depends heavily on a subjective preference for your personal viewpoint."

That quote is so important to me. It's from a lecture Neo is giving to college students in the book.

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Blogger Mike Pena said...

I think you would like Lenoard Sweet's works too.

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