Thursday, March 23, 2006

Best Living Songwriters

Paste Magazine is taking a poll so they can publish the TOP 100 LIVING SONGWRITERS. Well, I love lists and they've listed everybody. You can only vote for your top twenty. I just voted. In ABC order, here are my votes:

1. Jackson Browne
2. Bob Dylan
3. Donald Fagen/Walter Becker
4. Neil Finn
5. John Hiatt
6. Elton John/Bernie Taupin
7. Kris Kristofferson
8. Gary Louris/Mark Olson
9. Lyle Lovett
10. Paul McCartney
11. Maria McKee
12. Joni Mitchell
13. Van Morrison
14. Bruce Springsteen
15. Sting
16. Pete Townshend
17. U2 (Bono/Edge/Mullins/Clayton)
18. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
19. Paul Westerberg
20. Neil Young

Let me know who you like and then VOTE!

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Anonymous Utah said...

Obviously these are alphabetical (Neil Young, #20?). Otherwise it would be a tie between Dylan and McCartney in the #1 spot. And the more I think about it, the more I think it's a tie. (redundant?) I know you and James (reluctantly) loves these lists, they kinda bug me. This is the problem I have with all the award shows at the beginning of each year. ART IS SUBJECTIVE. Rating it, belittles it; to an extent. With that said, it doesn't make me stop tuning in to the Ocsars (i'm not a pureist), but in the end, even if my favorite wins, it's only important to their agents. For example, Martin Scorsese has NEVER won an oscar. He has made some of the most celebrated and talked about movies in the last 30 years. I personally think he is the best living director in the world today. But alas, no Oscar.

........I don't really have an ending to this rant but suffice it to say that I did submit my list to the site and I'm curious about the results, though it won't change a thing about our personal opinions. I mean, come on, I'ts just a couple pages of copy to the magazine..................................Next dressed?.............

5:00 PM  
Anonymous The Uncool said...

I don't know who this guy "James" is. But I can say that I used to LOVE lists and have growingly liked them less and less each year. So while I did take part in this voting, it was more a rare move for me than the common move it used to be. And that's basically for the reasons Utah pointed out. I'm 90% in agreement with those valid points.

However, in defense of PASTE magazine, it's NOT Entertainment Weekly. I would like to say they would NEVER do anything as cheesy as "best dressed". If you love film, you love music, you have interest in art, literature, and other topics you mind find in the UTNE reader - I suggest picking up an issue one time. It's a "good read".

....... to wrap up....... Having intelligent MUSIC LOVING (as in owning more than 500 titles) readers of PASTE magazine voting on the best living song writer may NOT be objective proof of anything (I concede), but it IS interesting and mildly amusing. Hence, the 10% I disagree with utah - respectfully.

6:07 PM  
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