Friday, September 13, 2013

My Running Stats . . . so far

These are my running statistics that concern official races.

#1 Los Angeles Marathon 05-25-2009
3:57:22 (9:04 pace) I ran LA all by myself.
#2 Twin Cities Marathon 10-03-2010 (Minneapolis to St. Paul)
4:17:45 (9:50 pace) I ran TCM with my friend Tony Cloyd. Such a beautiful course.
#3 Long Beach Marathon 10-09-2011
*PR 3:30:28 (8:02 pace) I ran LB all by myself and bonked. See What Happened.
#4 California International Marathon (Folsom to Sacramento)
4:09:12 (9:31 pace) I ran CIM with my cousin Elaine Wersky.

#1 Huntington Beach 4th of July Firecracker 07-04-1992?
Unknown finish time?

#2 Saddleback Memorial, Laguna Hills Memorial Day 05-30-2005
23:42 (7:39 pace)
#3 Lake Forest 4th of July 07-04-2005
23:28 (7:32 pace)
#4 Saddleback Memorial, Laguna Hills Memorial Day 05-26-2008
21:46 (7:01 pace)
#5 Lake Forest 4th of July 07-04-2008
*PR 21:03 (6:47 pace) Read Lake Forest 5K.
#6 Disneyland 08-30-2008
21:19 (6:53 pace)
#7 LaHabra 03-28-2009
33:32 (10:49 pace) I ran this with Mike Taylor and Tony Cloyd and we had to walk a bit.
#8 Lake Forest 4th of July 07-04-2012
26:50 (8:39 pace) I stayed with Zoey's friend Bianca to help her finish. Zoey left us both at 24:14.

#1 Dana Point Turkey Trot 11-27-2008
*PR 43:20 (6:59 pace)
#2 Camp Pendleton Mud Run 06-06-2009
2:05:41 (20:16 pace) Ran this with Chrisy and her friends, not for time, just for fun, stuck together.
#3 Dana Point Turkey Trot 11-26-2009
46:43 (7:32 pace) Ran with John Reed in the rain. Great race. Read Turkey Trot and Cloudburst.
#4 Camp Pendleton Mud Run 06-06-2010
1:44:54 (16:55 pace) Also ran this with Chrisy and her friends, not for time, just for fun, stuck together.
#5 Camp Pendleton Mud Run 06-05-2011
1:38:14 (15:51 pace) Again, ran this as a group and stuck together. Not for time.
#6 Camp Pendleton Mud Run 06-03-2012
1:49:16 (17:37 pace) Again, not run for time. Ran as a group. One day I need to do the Mud Run for time.

City of Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half, Saddleback Memorial 05-31-2010
*PR 1:35:58 (7:20 pace) I ran this all by myself. Finished 70th overall out of 1,199 runners.
Surf City, Huntington Beach 02-05-2012
2:55:57 (13:26 pace) I did this side-by-side with my wife, doing a run, then walk pace.
Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon 10-13-13
1:57:42 (8:59 pace) I ran this side-by-side with my friend, John Bogler

5 Milers
Peter's Canyon Dirty Series Trail Run 07-10-2008
*PR 37:26 (7:29 pace) Very hilly trail run. I did this all by myself. Read Peter's Canyon.

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