Thursday, January 07, 2010

Running Stats 2009

Me after the full marathon, May 25, 2009
3:57:17 finish time

I am almost certain that my buddy Tony Cloyd would be the only person really interested in this post, but here it goes.

The bummer is that my Nike+ died on me last year. Get this . . . it died right before my full marathon. Can you even imagine how frustrating it is that my Nike+ says my farthest run was 21.1 on May 1st and NOT 26.2 when I ran the L.A. Marathon on May 25th? I checked my handwritten charts and there were 108 miles NOT calculated by my Nike+ in 2009. Therefore, my total mileage ran in 2009 was . . . .

drumroll please . . . .

811 miles!

I am proud of that, but I actually did kind of start slacking off toward the end of the year. Honestly, I had originally set a goal to run a total of 1000 new miles in 2009. So for the record, I fell 189 miles short of that goal. Nevertheless, I think 811 miles in one calendar year is pretty good.
That's an average of 67 or so miles per month in 2009.
Let's see if I can top 811 miles in 2010. I'm not setting any mileage goals this year. Rather, my goal is just to keep running consistently and to complete my second marathon.
Happy New Year!



Blogger Tony said...

811? Pretty darn good indeed!!!!

6:10 AM  
Blogger Sharon G said...

I think I ran .811 miles in 2009 (oh shoot, that was walking)!

AWESOME job Doah (said while bowing down saying "I'm not worthy")

5:43 PM  

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