Friday, February 15, 2008

Genius, Max, genius

Since there was no school for Max and Wes today, last night, Chrisy and I told our boys that they could stay up late as long as they were quiet and we didn't know they were up, they were getting along, and they didn't make enough noise to wake the girls. Got it?

Okay, so we're watching LOST and we hear this loud arguing upstairs in the bonus room, Max and Wes going at it. Then, we hear loud footsteps pounding down the stairs into the room where we are watching television. Max and Wes enter.

Before they can speak I say, "You guys are blowing it because we told you to be quiet and now you are fighting with each other."

Max doesn't skip a beat and says, "We weren't fighting."

"What were you doing then?" I ask.

His response: "We were discussing our different points of view!"

I had to start laughing.

With that Chrisy adds, "Max you're so like your dad."

Hey, I thought it was a clever way to term a full-blown argument over the rules of billards.

I let them stay up!

Oh, yea, on a side note, this entire scenero is the reason I have to admit that I adore DVRs.



Blogger Tony said...

That is classic!

4:18 PM  
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