Monday, February 27, 2006

The Way Starbucks Sees It

I've always enjoyed quotations. Funny. Inspiring. Whatever. I like quotes. As if I needed another reason to like Starbucks, I think their "The Way I See It" series is wonderful. If you haven't seen it, they put quotations on their hot-beverage cups. They're supposed to get people talking. They number the quotes, in case you want to read them all I presume. If you're not addicted to caffine, maybe you can be addicted to thought-provoking quips. I admire The Way I See It idea. Anyway, here's one I picked up Friday night that really got me thinking:

The Way I See It #68

In an age when pictures have become more eloquent than words, schools are still programmed to reduce the child's immersive interaction with the visual world to the practical poverty of the alphabet. Visual literacy should become a pedagogical priority in order to prepare our children to function within the increasingly visual complexity of our environment.

--Vick Muniz, Artist and photographer. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he now resides in New York City.



Blogger Mike Pena said...

I too have enjoyed the "The way I see it" program. However, most of the time getting at starbacks about 5:40am just before I get to my office, I don't even read the qoutes. I just grab the coffee and force it inside my body. No time for quotes that early! The one that I liked from their website was not an inspiring quote. In fact, quite the opposite. But it proably struck a chord with many people (even if they did not want it too):
The Way I See It #23
"Chances are you are scared of fictions. Chances are you are only fleetingly happy. Chances are you know much less than you think you do. Chances are you feel a little guilty. Chances are you want people to lie to you. Perhaps the answer lies on the side of a coffee cup. You are lost."

-- David Cross
Comedian, writer, actor.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Jon Hall said...

Dude, I'm not sure I even get what that means! Wait.. maybe that's the point. I'm lame.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Doah said...

Well, Jon Hall, I think the Muniz quote on my blog is saying something you would agree with: We need more visual art in school. As for Mr. Mike Pena, I think he made his up! Did you make that up? Are you David Cross?

3:06 PM  
Blogger Mike Pena said...

No, I did not make it up and I am certianly not David Cross. My quote would have been

"Remember when a cup of coffee actually made you feel good? Now you need one just to not be a total Jerk. Thanks Starbucks! Now shut up and get my coffee!!"

8:13 PM  

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