Sunday, December 28, 2008

This one's in the bag

I saw Darren Aronofsky's film THE WRESTLER last night. Wow! I just want to say that they can go ahead and engrave the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role right now. Mickey Rourke has this one in the bag. Yea, I know the nominations are not even decided yet, but this one is his. I have to say I am actually really happy about this too because way back in the 1980s my buddy Matt Jones and I were so into Mickey Rourke. We were like the only two people I knew of who drove to the limited engagement of his film BARFLY in 1987. He had a string of wonderful films like DINER, RUMBLE FISH, THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE, and ANGEL HEART. I'm happy to see this so-called resurrection of Mickey Rourke. What a performance.

Of course, I'd love to predict a second Oscar for this film, Best Original Song for Bruce Springsteen for the title track. However, I can't be so sure. In my totally biased opinion, it would be a lock; yet, that's what I thought for Dead Man Walking so I'll just wait and see on that one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and my buddies were into Rourke big time in the 80's also.We would go around toasting everyone with "to all my friends" We also did the thing Micky did in TPOGV where he keeps repeating a question over and over without letting the other person respond.Fun times.

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