Monday, October 08, 2007

Magic is

Full band, big sound, nine members, and additional musicians on many songs, The E Street Band is back! As a few of you know, I've been obsessing over Bruce Springsteen's new release, MAGIC, since before it came out last Tuesday. Well, it's worthy of the attention. This is one of Springsteen's best albums. And, no, I don't always say that, not all of his albums are "5 stars" for me. This one is. Aside from wanting to roll down my windows and cruise PCH with it blasing, the motif behind the album really speaks to me.

Here are a few of my favorite lines:

My faith's been torn asunder,
tell me is that rollin' thunder
Or just the sinkin' sound
of somethin' righteous goin' under?
--"Livin' In The Future"

Now our city of peace has crumbled
Our book of faith's been tossed
And I'm just out here searchin'
For my own piece of the cross
--"I'll Work For Your Love"

I was driving through the misty rain
Searchin' for a mystery train
Boppin' through the wild blue
Tryin' to make a connection with you
-"Radio Nowhere"

Now your death is upon us and
We'll return your ashes to the earth
I know you'll take comfort in knowing
You've been roundly blessed and crused
But love is a power greater than death
just like the songs and stories told
--"Terry's Song"

I really could write a post on each song and what it means to me. But, to make things shorter, I'll just say that the related themes are faith, love, loss, redemption, contending, community, friendship, and longing for connection.

As of this writing "Long Walk Home" is my favorite song. It's probably not the best one musically and it may not be my favorite Bruce voice on the album (he has many), but I love the sentiment behind this tune. Here's my favorite verse:

My father said, "Son we're
lucky in this town
It's a beautiful place to be born
It just wraps its arms around you
Nobody crowds you,
nobody goes it alone.
You know that flag
flying over the courthouse
Means certain things are set in stone
Who we are, what we'll do
and what we won't."

That really packs a punch for me personally. I love the image of a father relaying these words to his son. Even more, I love the image of this community, a place where "nobody goes it alone." It's the place I want my family to be, it's the place I want my church to be, and it reminds me of Acts 4:32-35. I'm drawn to the lack of moral relativism: Things set in stone, a purposeful mission, an unwavering character. In the video, when he sings that verse, it's the first time the images of his bandmates, friends, and family appear. We see the people he is doing life with.

You can check out the video on Amazon: Long Walk Home

FYI, Target is selling this CD for $9.97, a smart move to compete with iTunes, and still put the real deal into our hands!

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