Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Mexico

Tomorrow morning Chrisy and Max leave at 5 a.m. to go south of the border. They're going to be part of what my church calls "Project Mexico" which means they're going down on Friday to help build a home for a family. They'll hand the keys over on Sunday and return that same evening. I've never done it and it blows my mind to think about what can be done on a single weekend. It's a huge blessing to the folks receiving the home.

Our friend, Jon Hall, is the guy who heads up this ministry at Canyon Hills Church. He's done this a bunch of times. This is the first Project Mexico trip for both Chrisy and Max. I think Chrisy desires more of this kind of contributing to the world ever since her trip to South Africa and I think the entire experience will be good for Max. If you want to read a good post that describes what they'll be in for, you can read this one, PROJECT MEXICO: THE HOMES, on Jon Hall's blog. I mean, seriously, check out what he wrote because it's a great piece of descriptive writing, very vivid.

You should ask Chrisy and Max about the trip if you get a chance.

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