Friday, August 04, 2006


"Even the sparrow has found a home,
and the swallow a nest for herself,
where she may have her young--
a place near your alter,
O LORD Almighty, my King and
my God."
--Psalm 84:3 (NIV)

Here are two more photos that show something else at my work that I totally appreciate. This fence is right out in front of my classroom. It blocks off the back of some other rooms. I love the location of my room. It's the last bungalow way out on the playground. The ramp to my front door is shaded by the tree you see hanging over this fence.

The coolest thing is, every year, a bunch of birds always make their nests right under the eaves of the building in the above photo. In the spring, the fledglings practice the newly aquired gift of flight by going from those pipes up in the eaves to the holes in the chainlink fence on the right. Of course, should you stop and linger, you can hear their song.

This second photo on the left is taken from a bit further away; it's a different perspective of the eaves above. This is the tree that shades the front window and ramp of my classroom. That brick wall that is directly behind the trunk of the tree and just to the right is the border of the Orange County Register lot and my school. What's neat is that directly behind that wall are a bunch of bushes and ivy. Thus, there's some wildlife back there too.

Every once in awhile a opossum will walk along the top of that brick wall and my students will go out and observe it. What's really cool is that one of the language arts units we do every year is called "City Wildlife" and there is so much around us that reinforces the selections from that unit.

For me, the birds especially, the entire process of birds hatching, chirping, learning to fly, and their beauty, are nice reminders of God's presence.

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