Saturday, January 07, 2006


Max Harrison Lynd. Got "Max" because it was one syllable, short, couldn't be more different than his father's long first name. Thought it was cool because Chrisy's great-grandfather's name was Maximilliano. Harrison because I've enjoyed Harrison Ford movies all my life. Also, goes to dad's love of history, I thought "Harrison" was so presidential since there's been two president's with that name, our 9th, William Henry Harrison, and our 23rd Benjamin Harrison.

Like his mother, Max is a morning person; he's grumpier at night. First thing in the morning to a drowsy dad, he was recently heard asking, "Why can't we get a dog?" He's got a 2006 dog calendar, featuring different breeds, hanging in his room. Favorite book right now is the massive, "Dogs: An Owner's Guide," by Helen Stillwell. Harry, a bearded-dragon lizard, is Max's pet. He keeps him in his room and feeds him crickets. Favorite subject: math. Loves to watch movies. he prefers live action to animation. Digs going through dad's DVD collection and wants to watch anything he's allowed to. Most recently watched "Murphy's War" (1971) staring Peter O'Toole with dad. Although he's got tons, his favorite films are the "Star Wars" flicks. He's got a couple "Star Wars" posters from the newer episodes, hanging in his room. A Darth Vader helmet graces his desk. He definately prefers television and film to music. Loves chocolate, never vanilla, doesn't like to try new foods so much, and he drinks only water. Like his mother, Max gets really car sick. Doesn't enjoy long car rides. Max has been taking piano lessons for about a year now. He's doing well. This past Christmastime, it was so nice to hear him playing "Angels We Have Heard On High." He loves to play board games and is often the catalyst for a "family night" wherein we play a game. Max loves Sunday school at church and his mid-week "Breakout," a Bible-study group that he's been a part of for the past three years. My first born, he won't let an evening go by without letting dad pray for him just before bed. Amazing boy.



Blogger Mike Pena said...

Great post Doah. You know, I miss being called Uncle Ba. I look foward to the Wes, Zoey and Kasey segements

5:15 PM  
Blogger joanna said...

wow shenan! at first i thought max was you in your elementary school days! i'm sure you've been told he looks like a younger version of you! very cute!

5:12 PM  
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